Hajime Kato retrospective exhibition held at the International Art City in Paris.

Hajime Kato's full scale retrospective exhibition was held in this big gallery located behind city hall along the Seine, from March to April 2006.
Arriving Paris in 1958, and until his death in 2000, the artist produced oil paintings continually for 40 years.
About 40 works (mainly his bigger works 100F and 120F in size) were exhibited, including his early pieces and concluding with the one completed just before he passed away.

Art book of Kato Hajime "Sur les ailes du vent" The grand prize winner for Heisei 15th Keirin promotion

This book was published by Kyuryu-do in 2003 for the first time. It took Masako Kato, the wife of the artist, about 2 years to complete and includes 79 pieces. It was among the recommended books selected by the Japanese National Association of Libraries.
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Art critic Shuji Takashina remarks that "it goes beyond the materialistic existence and hence directly delivers "Hisho" (Flight) sensation". Also Géo et Léo, in charge of art gallery of the Saint-Mandé cultural center in France writes that "Kato has felt the soul of the universe through his sense of the wind, speed, and fluidity."
  Mrs. Masako Kato as the representative receiving the award.
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